Should You 
Wear a Mask?

Yep! We should do everything we can to slow the spread of this virus. If we compare COVID-19 rates in states with mask mandates to those without, we see a significant drop in new COVID-19 cases in states with mandates.

I don’t feel sick, should I wear a mask?

Yep! Up to 40% of people with COVID-19 don’t even know they have it. Even if you were recently tested, every person you come in to contact with could be an asymptomatic carrier. 

Wearing a mask is thoughtful; not only does it help protect you, it helps protect those you come into contact with.

If Alaska is “open for business,” does that mean we are “safe”?

We aren’t “unsafe,” but we gotta stay vigilent!

Governor Dunleavy and Dr Zink realize Alaskans have a need to be healthy in many ways, including financially, emotionally and physically. We can stay healthy in all of these ways if we take the appropriate precautions!  


Why should everyone wear a mask?

To protect each other.
From helping each other through earthquakes to clearing snow from our neighbor’s driveway, there is a strong sense of community in Alaska. We always take care of each other. Simply put, data shows that more people wearing masks means less COVID-19 cases.

Read this data on community use of face masks.




How common is it to wear a mask?

It is becoming more common every day! Wearing a mask also provides positive social proof that we have to take this virus seriously. There’s nothing political about wearing a mask, it’s just a super easy way to help those around you stay healthy!


How can I get a mask?

Masks are widely available online and locally. Sites like or Amazon have them. You can also make your own! Check out this video of how to make a simple cloth facial covering at home!


What if I’m not in a “high risk” group?

When you wear a mask, you’re wearing it for those around you! Even if you are low risk for serious complications from COVID-19, wearing a mask helps prevent you from spreading droplets to others – and they could be at serious risk. 


Who shouldn’t wear a mask?

  • Children under 2 years old
  • Young children who are unable to wear one without assistance
  • Those who have respiratory problems when wearing a mask 

Does wearing a mask keep me completely safe?

Nope. Wearing a mask is just a step we need to take to slow the spread of COVID-19. We should still remember to wash our hands, stay 6 feet apart from others and get tested if we are feeling sick.